Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Read these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) carefully before using this website (hereinafter referred to as the TI Services). By using the TI Services you acknowledge that you are aware of the Terms and agree to them. If you do not agree to one or more articles of the Terms, you must not use the TI Services.

TI Services Operator and Applicable Law

The TI Services is operated and maintained on behalf of the GEANT under contract by PRESECURE Consulting GmbH, incorporated in Münster, Germany (hereinafter referred to as the Operator). By using the TI Services, you agree to the application of the applicable laws and with the judgements by the responsible courts on comments, complaints and so forth in connection with the TI Services and systems used to provide this service.

Changing the Terms

The Operator retains the right to amend or change the Terms unilaterally. Your using the TI Services after the Terms have been amended means that you agree to the changed Terms. The Operator may amend the contents of the TI Services and add or remove parts.

These Terms were last amended on 28 April 2015.

Intellectual Property Rights

The copyright in and other intellectual property rights to the text, illustrations and other protected material on the TI Services rest with the GEANT, the Operator and the rightholders of that material respectively unless stated otherwise. The rights referred to are not transferred in any way whatsoever to persons who gain access to the TI Services unless explicitely granted.

Some graphical material has been licensed for use on this web site:

Permitted Use

You may download a copy of the material made available on the TI Services for your personal, non-commercial use, unless expressly stated otherwise on the TI Services.

You may not otherwise copy, change, distribute, disseminate or use in any way the material made available without the express written prior permission of the Operator.

IRTs (Incident Response Teams), CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Teams) or security teams may download the team contact information made available on the TI Services and may share this on a strictly non-commercial basis with any stakeholder for the sole purpose of preventing, resolving or managing computer security incidents.

Framing the TI Services or parts thereof is prohibited without the express written permission of the Operator.

Trade marks

All trade marks, service marks, etc. or products are the property of their respective owners. They are hereby acknowledged, however they may not be marked as such.


The information on the TI Services is carefully collected or created and maintained by the Operator. However, the Operator cannot guarantee the information is complete and correct. The information provided is not intended to replace personal advice. Should you nevertheless use the information provided on the TI Services without verification or further consultation, you do so at your own risk and at your own expense.

The information provided on the TI Services is provided 'as is', and the Operator cannot accept any liability whatsoever or any consequences, such as loss or loss of profits, as a result of the use, trusting in or actions undertaken as a result of information on this TI Services.

Furthermore, the Operator is not responsible under any circumstances for errors or interruptions in the TI Services's functionalities.

You are fully responsible for all information you provide to the Operator.

The TI Services contains links to websites of third parties, over which the Operator has no control. Using such links is entirely at your own risk. The Operator accepts no responsibility or liability with respect to the contents, use or availability of these websites.


Any use of this web server is logged and monitored. Log files of all connections are maintained and are examined by system administration and security routinely.

Privacy Statement

Unless stated otherwise on the TI Services, the personal details you enter on the TI Services or in communication with the Operator, will be used only for the tasks and work of the TI Service. These data will not be issued to third parties, unless it is in connection with the Trusted Introducer's tasks and work.

The TI Services may use cookies. These consist of standard Internet technology with which the Operator can store certain information on the visitor's system and make it accessible. Cookies can be used to identify persons. You can set your computer up so that it does not accept cookies.